B52 Fighter Fat Stealth Bomber 8000 Watt

B52 Fighter Fat Stealth Bomber 8000 Watt

8000W 72V Electric Bicycle

B52 Fighter Fat Stealth Bomber 8000w


Motor 72V 8000W Rear Brushless Geared Motor.

Battery 72V 26Ah Samsung or 72V 40AH PANASONIC lithium battery

Display Big LCD instrument

Max Speed 80-90 KM/H Range 70-80km

Frame Fortified Steel.

Tyres 26 x 2.6

Mountain Tyres KENDA

Brake Front/Rear Disc Brake

ZOOM Derailleur Outer 7 Speed SHIMANO.


The Stealth Bomber e-bike brings a sinister look to an otherwise meek category. Looking more like a full-blown motorcycle than your average e-bike, the commanding steed combines power, grit, and big-league shock absorption. Part mountain bike, part dirt bike and all animal, the Bomber comes ready to tear apart your local asphalt, gravel, or dirt.

Bikes like the Bomber are essentially in a category of their own. They do not have the power (or pollution) of full-blown engine-driven dirt bikes or motorcycles, and pedals and traditional mountain bike components let you treat them like a bike. However, they are far from the average mountain bike thanks to motors that can power you up terrain and kick in when you need a little extra speed or torque.

Want to have a stealth bomber E-Bike at extremely competitive price?

Here we are offering the package which includes every part for it, and most important is that the package also comes with a video for assembling the bike.



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