Bed Linen Set

Bed Linen Set

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Tencel Pure color bed linen set high-grade bedding sets for queen king size duvet cover sheet set 4Pcs

TENCEL SHEETS are Silky Soft, one of the softest New Fabric in the world made from Raw Eucalyptus Trees

TENCEL is extremely comfortable in all temperatures, keeps you Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter

TENCEL is perfect for people with allergies. Popular in Skincare and spa amenities for its Relaxation Quality

     · Machine wash

These fibers are known for feeling super soft and are widely used in sustainable fashion.

softer than any of the cotton or cotton-blended sheets it was up against in a blind comparison.

Tencel is somewhat like rayon (i.e. viscose) because they’re what the industry refers to as “regenerated cellulose” fibers. Manufacturers take wood pulp, dissolve it in a chemical solvent, then push it through an extruder to form the fibers. Does not wrinkle easily and holds dye well so it makes vibrant colors. It is also breathable and manages moisture, so it helps with temperature regulation. These features make it particularly popular for clothing and bedding brands. Tencel modal is incredibly soft, so it is most common in intimate apparel and loungewear. The big difference is rayon requires more energy and chemicals to produce, which is both wasteful and toxic for the workers who make it. Tencel, on the other hand, uses chemicals that are less toxic and get recycled in the process so there’s minimal waste. It also uses wood from trees in sustainably harvested forests.

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